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What's so great about a WELLNESS VACATION?

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

And why you'll want to plan one!

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You know I’m all about wellness travel. But why in the world would anyone want to take a WELLNESS VACATION anyway?

I’m so glad you asked! Here are my top 5 reasons why EVERYONE needs a wellness vacation.

#1: You can find ways to change your food habits.

We all get stuck in eating habits. Maybe you’re constantly dieting. Maybe you have a tendency to overeat. Sugar addict? I thought so! Wellness vacations can help you reset your eating habits and learn new mindsets, try new foods, and give yourself a fresh outlook on your current food intake. Most of the wellness resorts I’ve visited also include some incredible delicious, healthy recipes, so I come home with the ability to stick with my new routine.

#2: You can explore new ways to get in shape.

Wellness vacations typically give you access to professionals who can help you figure out the best exercises that will meet your health goals. And they take your preferences and lifestyle into account so that they can help you find something you’ll enjoy doing even after you return home.

Different wellness retreats focus on so many different areas of fitness: CrossFit, yoga, martial arts, HIIT (high-intensity interval training), surfing, hiking, biking, and/or other outdoor adventures.

#3: You can connect with nature.

Wellness vacations are known for their amazing locations. Some are on beaches, others in stunning deserts, in beautiful forests, in the mountains, and others are by streams or lakes. No matter where your wellness getaway takes you, make time to be in it and enjoy its quietness and rhythms. Feel the sun. Soak in your surroundings as you listen and breathe in nature.

#4: You can DE-STRESS!

Stress is so hurtful to our health, causing stomach trouble, heart issues, inflammation, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep deprivation, and on and on! On a wellness vacation, you have the time to pamper yourself. You can do what your body needs: sleep restfully, unplug from our fast-paced digital lifestyle, relax, exercise, and find ways to listen to your body and give it what it needs.

#5: You can discover your perfect sleep cycle

We Americans miss out on sleep for so many reasons: work, staying up to watch that last episode of our favorite show, trying to cram too much into our already hectic day, or waking up early to do more. On a wellness vacation, your bed should be AMAZING; when I’ve gone on wellness vacations, my beds have been SO comfortable! Without the stress of the at-home daily drain on your time, your body should get the amount of sleep it craves, and you can begin new sleep cycles and healthy habits.

And a bonus: You get to do spa treatments!

I LOVE spa treatments. I don’t think I talk about them enough. Massages are my ideal way to relax and work out the tension my muscles are holding. If you’ve never had a massage, you’ve GOT to try one. If a body massage isn’t your thing (like it isn’t for my husband), try a facial or a scalp or foot massage. Some wellness properties have incredible hydrotherapy circuits, where you try all the different types of water therapies: hot, cold, saunas, steam rooms, jacuzzi-type water massages, and so much more. Other wellness properties have the latest technology and science in anti-aging treatments.

The goal of a wellness vacation is to return home better than you left. More healthy, more relaxed, with a better sense of well-being. Can you see why I LOVE wellness travel?! It’s so fun to help people plan and look forward to how they’ll feel AMAZING when they return home!

If you want to explore a wellness vacation, let me know. There are so many options, I’m sure I can help you find one that speaks to you. It’s the perfect gift to give your future self.


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