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Wedding Anniversay in Hawaii


Shaylee and Brad wanted a wonderful getaway for their 10th wedding anniversary. They were looking for beaches and activities, amazing food and a place where they could relax and enjoy each other, leaving their busy jobs and kids at home, and just focus on their time together.


We put together an anniversary celebration for Brad and Shaylee on the beautiful island of Oahu in Hawaii. They spent seven nights total, staying the first four nights at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore in an ocean view room including breakfast daily, and the last three nights at the Kahala Resort in a scenic room. Their stay included a car rental, as well as activities such as the Polynesian Cultural Center, ATV rides, and swimming with the turtles.


Our trip to Hawaii was absolutely amazing! All thanks to Barbara :) 

We wanted/ needed a relaxing getaway with also some fun, exciting activities about every other day.  We wanted to make sure we had a couple days to do whatever we felt like doing.  We were going for our anniversary so we really wanted to create those memories together. 

I found Barbara through a Google search looking for travel agents. I was feeling overwhelmed with all the different travel options and wanted to make sure this trip was everything I hoped it would be and that's why I contacted Barbara. 

  Barbara was extremely easy to talk to and understood exactly what kind of trip I wanted. The entire process was so easy and not time consuming.  Just a couple emails and calls back and forth. 

My trip was amazing and definitely exceeded my expectations. I will plan on using Barbara for all my future vacations.  Well worth it for a stress free experience :) 

— Shaylee & Brad —


All-inclusive Resort Birthday Vacation in Riviera Maya 


Michelle wanted to surprise her husband, Steve, with an all-inclusive resort vacation for his 40th birthday. They had been to the Riviera Maya area once before, and wanted to return and stay at a different resort. She wanted a fantastic beach, non-motorized watersports and other activities included, and amazing food and entertainment.


After settling on the dates they wanted to travel, I presented Michelle with a few options for her trip, including flight itineraries and several great all-inclusive resort options in Mexico. We discussed the advantages of each one so she could make her decision. I recommended a couple of must-do excursions that I thought they would love! I included flights, round-trip airport/hotel transportation, and her all-inclusive resort stay, including all of the taxes. Michelle was able to make payments in increments so that Steve wouldn’t notice a lump sum of money taken out of their account.


Suite Dreams Travel helped me plan the best surprise vacation for my husband! They helped me keep the secret until the day we left on our vacation! I loved that they gave me some choices in resorts, and was so happy with the one I chose. I was particularly grateful for the tips and information I had received before we left. We loved our stay at the Barcelo Maya Grand Resort near Cancun. Our favorite excursion, which included zip lines, ATV rides, and cenote swimming and rafting all in one day, was one recommended by our travel agent.  I’ve recommended Suite Dreams Travel, our same resort, and that same excursion, to two other couples, who have both booked their own version of this trip with Suite Dreams Travel, and loved it, just like we did. We will certainly plan our future vacations with Suite Dreams Travel!

— Michelle & Steve —


Relaxing Resort Getaway in

St. George, Utah


Jenn and Anne are friends who wanted a relaxing getaway, full of healthy food options and enriching activities. They had a short amount of time and needed to go somewhere fairly close to home (they live near Salt Lake City, Utah). They have busy lives full of work and families to take care of, and wanted some time away to focus on their own wellbeing so they could better care for those around them.


We sent them to the beautiful Red Mountain Resort in St. George, Utah. We booked their flights, arranged a car rental to be waiting at the airport, and booked them in a Desert Oasis room. At Red Mountain Resort, they enjoyed healthy meals, hikes, fitness classes, cooking demonstrations, and wellness life classes and events. All of these were included, so they could just relax and rejuvenate.


Wow! That was such an amazing trip! I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. Barbara has booked past vacations for our family, and I contacted her to see if she could find something that would work for Anne and me. We didn’t have a lot of time, but we wanted a friends’ trip that would motivate us on our health journeys. We wanted to come back happy, healthy and refreshed.

Barbara took care of everything. She suggested the perfect place for us. We didn’t want to drive the 4+ hours to get there, so she found us some great flights and a car rental. She sent us a schedule of the events and classes, so we could pre-book some of the options and decide what we wanted to do before we got there.

We spent 3 nights at Red Mountain Resort, and it was completely amazing. The food was fantastic and healthy, the classes were so fun and informative, the yoga and exercise classes were awesome, and my massage was incredible. I loved how prepared we were to be there, because of Barbara’s help. We knew what to expect, and had a wonderful time.

Barbara really took care of everything. She anticipated our needs and helped us be able to relax and rejuvenate! I already can’t wait to see where Barbara will send us next!

— Jenn & Anne —


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