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Meet Barbara

Hi, I’m Barbara, the owner of Suite Dreams Travel. In 1999, when my husband and I were just beginning to raise our children, we opened our doors for business. For years, I was happy to book every type of travel that came to me: all-inclusive resorts, cruises, ski vacations, Europe, Disney trips, golf trips, honeymoons, and destination weddings, just to name a few. My knowledge and expertise grew, my children were growing, and I loved booking travel.

In 2011, we lost our oldest son, 15 years old at the time, in a tragic car accident. Our faith sustained us and kept us going. My conviction that I will see him again someday and that God loves and knows me, gave me the strength to keep living. And from it I emerged with a deeper sense of needing to connect with those we love, create memories and share experiences.

I realized that I love to help people create wellness and connection in their lives. If you wish you were better at living in the moment with those you care about, if you wish you could immerse yourself in a healing, adventure-based, or weight loss travel experience, if you have always wanted to experience a yoga retreat or a travel experience just for you, you’ve come to the right place. I can make that vision become your next vacation. I believe that a healthy mind, body, and spirit are all connected, and that we should be engaged with understanding ourselves and really connecting with those around us. If your next travel experience needs to involve less stress, less dependence on devices, and more focus on what really matters, I get it. I’m ready to help you!

Meet Patty

I’ve been with Suite Dreams Travel since 2001. I love to book all-inclusive resorts and cruises. I really enjoy helping people plan to get away from it all with their favorite people! As a former single mom and current part of a blended family, I know what it’s like to create experiences for multi-generational and blended families so that everyone has a great time. I would love to send you to a favorite Mexican or Caribbean cruise destination or all-inclusive resort, with your favorite people!

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Meet Janna

I’ve been with Suite Dreams Travel since 2003. My favorite destinations are cruises and European travel. I help with all of the details, so you don’t have to stress about your vacation. I am great at booking girls’ getaways to amazing places. I can’t wait to help you find the best travel fit for you and your group, whether large or small.

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