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Costa Rica

 ​Wellness and Adventure 

in Costa Rica 

Home to the phrase “Pura Vida” (pure life), Costa Rica is an intrepid traveler’s dream destination. Known for outdoor adventures, world-class surfing, and farm-to-table dining, it is also a country with a government led sustainability that now gets 98% of its energy from renewable sources. Inspiring you with its vibrancy, exciting you with its adventure and thrilling you with its rich biodiversity, you’ll soon adopt Pura Vida as a lifestyle of your own. 

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Alaska Adventure

Adventure in Alaska

Many people have been on an Alaskan cruise, but they haven’t taken a deep dive into the adventure of beautiful Alaska. You may have seen glaciers and wildlife from the deck of a ship, but have you been dogsledding? For this amazing adventure, I provide the framework and ideas. The details of this 7-night experience are customizable, and can be completely tailored to your interests and schedule.

Alaskan brown bears.jpg

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European river cruise

 European river cruise

Imagine this combination: You unpack once on a small luxury ship, where you have amazing combinations of balconies, views, activities, and chefs. During the day, take your pick: see the region from your balcony on deck, or pedal through the countryside on an e-bike. Sail along the Rhine River through Switzerland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Explore medieval villages, forests, castles and vineyards. Enjoy your e-bike and your luxury river cruise ship at your own pace.

Sample Itinerary

Here’s what this “active river cruise” looks like:

Los Cabos

 Enjoy the Ahhhh! Of a Luxury Spa Resort 

Los Cabos, Mexico

Get away to one of the most captivating destinations in Mexico, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean in contrast to the surrounding desert.

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