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At Suite Dreams Travel . . .

I work with those who want to connect: with themselves, those they travel with, and their surroundings, to create a perfectly customized wellness travel experience. As your wellness travel expert, I take care of all of the planning, research, and arrangements, so that you can focus on the important part: creating memories and changing your life, one travel experience at a time.


Travel Specialties

My travel specialties include:
  • Adventure travel: hiking, biking, kayaking, exploring—immersing yourself in your surroundings
  • Yoga retreats
  • Culinary travel: both healthy and delicious
  • All-inclusive resorts or cruises
  • Solo travelers who want to join a group excursion or cruise
  • Spa treatments
  • Weight loss or wellness resorts
  • Medical tourism: traveling to a destination to receive a specific treatment or operation

Here’s how I design your next amazing travel experience...

Step 1

We get to know each other on a complimentary consultation call. I want to learn more about your travel style, expectations, and past experiences, so I can match you with the perfect accommodations, amenities, and activities. This is the time to tell me what you've loved (or hated) about past trips and what you hope for with this one. Ask questions. Give us all the details. I'll give you an idea of when you can expect your travel quote. Once you decide to work with me, you’ll take care of my planning fee and I’ll get started!

Image by Sarah Gualtieri

Step 2

I’ll research your trip in full, including working with airlines, wholesalers, travel suppliers, hotels, cruise lines, and tour companies. I have some great connections! I’ll prepare 2-3 custom itineraries for you to choose from. Once you narrow down your favorite options, I’ll add in special extras — like tours, activities, and excursions — to create a completely unique travel experience. 

Image by Christin Hume

Step 3

The trip looks perfect. Relax while I make all of the booking arrangements for you. Depending on how far in advance it is, you may only need to pay a deposit up front, with the balance due later. You can even make payments as you go, at your convenience. I remind you when the balance is due, and send your electronic (or paper) travel documents prior to you leaving. If you’re traveling with a group, I’ll take care of everyone’s needs individually!


Step 4

Embark on your incredible getaway, with everything taken care of and a travel expert in your back pocket (that’s me!). Simply give me a call or send me an email if you need support while you travel. I want you to focus on creating new happy travel memories together, not travel hiccups!


Step 5

Finally, I’ll follow up with you after your trip to make sure it exceeded your expectations. I definitely want to hear how everything went, and I’d love to see some travel photos!

Travel Polaroids

Planning Fee

My design fee starts at $150 per person, due before I begin the research on your trip. After this non-refundable fee you pay only for the cost of the vacation. Group fees will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

This fee allows me to focus on your unique needs, instead of just suggesting travel components with a high commission that may not be a good fit for you. I’m confident that my detail-oriented research abilities, my strong relationships with travel supplier partners, and my dedication to exceeding your trip expectations makes me a good travel planning match for your needs. My hope is that you’ll come back from your trip saying, “That was amazing! I can’t wait to plan our next getaway!”

Our agency is not affiliated with any hotel or cruise company, so our top priority is your incredible vacation experience.

Ready to get away?

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