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Rejuvenated, refreshed, connected, at peace: is that how you feel this week?

Updated: May 20, 2022

I’m feeling wonderful after staying at a wellness resort called Le Monastere des Augustines in Quebec, Canada.

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Before going, I had a small idea of what to expect, because I’d been contacted by someone prior to my stay, but honestly, no words can adequately describe this incredibly transformative location.

The resort has two types of rooms, authentic and contemporary. The authentic rooms (where I stayed) are former nuns’ cells. The room was furnished in with an iron bedframe and vintage wooden furniture. I could just imagine a nun sitting by the window on the window seat and looking out at the view of Old Quebec from her second-story room. Private bathrooms for authentic rooms are shared, located across the hall. I never had to wait for a bathroom.

Contemporary rooms are simply decorated as well, with white walls and duvet cover, plus a large window, wardrobe closet, and some include a desk and chair. These rooms each have their own private bathroom.

All activities and experiences at Le Monastere are done with the intent to preserve the heritage of the original monastery. They do a beautiful job of welcoming all people; the space felt very nourishing and inviting.

At Le Monastere, you can opt for an all-inclusive type of package, or stay a la carte and add activities on as you go. Within the all-inclusive package, there are many ways you can customize your stay to be exactly what you need and want. My stay was all-inclusive, so all of my meals and many activities were included. The resort has an on-site restaurant which focuses on local, farm-fresh produce and products; they can adapt to any dietary restrictions that people have.

In addition to the meals, my stay included daily yoga and meditative walks, a guided tour of the on-site museum, a holistic health consultation, attending a 30-minute vespers with the seven current Augustine nuns who reside in a separate residence, an “Adventure Within” introspective self-guided tour, a 90-minute Signature massage, and a meditative crystal bowls concert. I also was able to see some of the surrounding Old Quebec city on a guided tour.

If you have a group in mind, Le Monastere is SO flexible! They love to host yoga retreats, allowing you to do your own yoga and not requiring you to be part of their classes. They love hosing corporate groups, especially those wanting to work on wellness, teambuilding, and connection.

The feeling at Le Monastere is almost indescribable. It’s peace and calm. Welcoming and refreshing. Rejuvenating and inspiring. The spirit and the vision of those three original Augustinian nuns infuses a vision and a power throughout the halls and rooms at Le Monastere des Augustines.

If you want to get away to a place where you can connect more deeply with yourself, this is a beautiful space for that. As a solo traveler or one traveling with family or friends, Le Monastere offers a truly personal wellness experience for everyone. I can’t wait to return! And please let me know if I can help you get there--I'd love for you to experience this beautiful resort.

Some photographs courtesy of Le Monastere des Augustines


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