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Kamalaya Koh Samui: Thailand's Incredible Wellness Resort

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

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I love wellness properties! On my trip to Spain last month, I participated in a wellness resort retreat, and had the incredible experience of meeting wellness property owners and managers, other wellness travel advisors, retreat leaders, and influencers in the wellness travel space. One of the resorts I got to know was the Kamalaya Koh Samui Resort in Thailand. I completely fell in love with this amazing, exotic wellness property and all it has to offer!

The Kamalaya Resort is on the island of Ko Samui located about an hour's flight from Bangkok. There are over 10 flights per day in and out of this island, so it’s very accessible!

Before your stay

A couple of months before your stay, Kamalaya recommends doing an offsite lab test to get an idea of where your body is with all of the health statistics. They send you the results in 2-9 weeks, and then you have those results to share with the professionals at Kamalaya. It’s a great way to know where to focus your wellness journey.

Kamalaya was founded by a married couple, John and Karina Stewart. John is an expert in Himalayan and spiritual studies, and Karina is a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Every specialist at Kamalaya is a degreed professional, so you are working with only the best.


They have four categories of programs, with 17 different program options in total. The four categories are: healthy lifestyle, detox & reset, stress & burnout, and heart/body/spirit. Everyone who stays at Kamalaya meets with a naturopath three times during their stay: at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end. You’re encouraged to pick 1-3 things to work on and track your progress throughout your stay.

The programs are individually tailored and designed for each person. The wellness professionals on-site include naturopaths, doctors (traditional Chinese medicine and western Medical doctors), Registered Nurses, Nutritionists, mental and emotional healers, fitness specialists, and certified yoga teachers. Plus, Kamalaya often has visiting practitioners who offer their services as well!

The property

The property has 75 rooms, from Hillside Rooms with garden and sea views, to Sea View suites and villas, and even exquisite Beachfront and Rock Top (built right on a huge boulder, with the rock being part of the décor inside the room!) pool villas. Every room is incredible; I think even the Hillside Rooms are fantastic. Every room has a balcony.

They also have a 300-year old cave that once was used by Buddhist monks. Now as part of Kamalaya, it’s used for meditation & spiritual retreat. Kamalaya is located on a beautiful private beach, and they have 35 incredible treatment rooms, an amazing state-of-the-art fitness center, regenerative anti-aging therapies, and a variety of yoga classes.

All-inclusive stay

A wellness stay at Kamalaya is all-inclusive. Your stay includes transportation from & to the airport, all of your meals and beverages, specified treatments, therapies, and services, complimentary group holistic activities and classes, and use of all fitness, spa, and relaxation facilities.

Kamalaya requires a minimum 5-night stay to get the most of your wellness experience. The average stay is 9 nights. Of the people who visit, 65% are singles, and 45% are couples. There are even a few families who visit, mostly with children over 16. Children under 16 aren’t allowed to use the wellness facilities.

Can you see why I’m in love with this property? It’s breathtakingly beautiful, and offers such an incredible, full, individualized wellness program. I can’t wait to visit someday, but until then I’m happy to help others get here!


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