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9 Myths About Ocean Cruising!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Booking and sailing made easy

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Ah, cruises! They're a dreamy escape that combines the thrill of traveling with the ultimate relaxation of a floating resort. But amidst all the excitement, it's not uncommon to come across plenty of misconceptions about booking and sailing on cruises. Fear not! In this article, we are going to debunk some common cruise myths and set the record straight. So, grab your life jackets and let's dive in!

Myth #1: Cruises are for older people.

Nowdays, cruises cater to all ages. From families with little ones to young couples and solo travelers, there's something for everyone on the high seas. Cruise ships offer a wide range of entertainment, including water parks, zip lines, Broadway-style shows, and even rock climbing walls. Whether you're 18 or 80, you'll find plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

Myth #2: Booking a cruise is complicated and time-consuming.

Booking a cruise may seem intimidating, with all those ship choices, itineraries, and cabins to consider. But fear not! Booking a cruise is easier than you think! With the help of a knowledgeable travel advisor like me (wink, wink), you'll breeze through the process and have your dream vacation booked in no time.

I have access to all the insider information about the best cruise lines, destinations, and promotions. I'll guide you through the options, help you find the perfect ship for your preferences, and ensure that you get the best cruise deal possible. Booking a cruise with me is like having a personal concierge service: effortless and seamless.

Myth #3: Cruises are crowded and lack privacy.

While cruise ships can accommodate a large number of passengers, they are designed to provide ample space for everyone to have their slice of paradise. From spacious cabins to private balconies, you can enjoy your own cozy retreat on the ship.

Plus, modern cruise ships offer a variety of quiet spaces and hidden corners where you can unwind and relax. Imagine sipping a cocktail in a secluded lounge, finding tranquility in a serene spa, or enjoying a romantic dinner in an intimate specialty restaurant. With the right cruise line and ship, you can have all the privacy you desire, even on a floating city.

Myth #4: You'll get seasick.

Seasickness is the great fear of many would-be cruisers. Large modern cruise ships are equipped with advanced stabilizers that minimize rocking and rolling. The ships are designed to sail smoothly, providing a comfortable experience for all passengers. However, if you're particularly susceptible to motion sickness, don't worry! There a variety of remedies such as wristbands, patches, and medications to keep seasickness at bay.

And here's a little secret: the vast majority of cruise itineraries stick to calmer waters, ensuring smooth sailing throughout your voyage. So, even if you do have a touch of seasickness, it's often only during brief moments when the ship is navigating open waters. The rest of the time, you'll hardly feel any movement at all.

Myth #5: Cruises are for people who love to dress up.

Some cruise lines still offer formal nights for those who enjoy dressing up, but there's no strict requirement for black-tie attire every evening. Most cruise lines have adopted a more relaxed "resort casual" dress code, allowing you to wear comfortable and stylish attire throughout your vacation.

Whether you prefer to dress up for a special occasion or keep it casual in flip flops and sundresses, the choice is yours. Cruises are all about enjoying yourself, and that includes being yourself.

Myth #6: Cruises are expensive and not worth the money.

It's true that cruising can be a substantial investment, but let me tell you, it's worth every penny! When you consider that your cruise fare typically includes accommodations, dining, entertainment, and transportation to various destinations, it's actually quite a cost-effective way to travel.

Also, cruise lines often offer great promotions such as onboard credits, free upgrades, and discounted fares. By working with me, you'll have access to these exclusive deals and perks, making your cruise experience even more extraordinary.

Myth #7: The worst time to cruise is during hurricane season.

Hurricane season (late summer through fall) is actually one of the best times to cruise! There is better pricing when kids are back in school, and we’re between holidays. Cruise ships AVOID the high winds and areas that are being hit by tropical storms, so that you have smooth sailing on your trip. You may have to stop at a different port, but you won’t be affected by the hurricane.

Myth #8: You'll feel trapped on a cruise ship with limited options.

Cruise ships are like floating cities, offering a myriad of activities, dining options, and entertainment venues. From lounging by the pool to catching a Broadway show, participating in cooking classes, or indulging in a luxurious spa treatment, your days and nights will be filled with endless choices.

But here's the beauty of it all: you're free to do as much or as little as you like. If you wish to explore a new port, you can. If you prefer a leisurely day at sea, relaxing by the pool with a good book, you can do that too. Cruises are all about flexibility and tailoring your vacation to your desires.

Myth #9: Last-minute bookings get the best deals.

The days of getting cut-rate cruise prices right before sailing are gone. Some lesser-sailed ships and itineraries have lower prices 60-90 days prior to sailing, but the most popular high-demand cruises will have much higher prices shortly before you sail. Also, booking last-minute means you have to take whatever cabins happen to be left over.

Cruise lines come out with their fares 18-24 months in advance, and often they offer their best prices at that time, to incentivize those early bookers. Booking early also ensures that you get your pick of cabins and dining times. Another little-known fact is that if a better sale comes along between when you first book and your final payment, I can usually get that better price—without losing the cabin you’re holding.

Wrapping up

Don’t let these cruise myths deter you from experiencing the incredible world of cruising. Booking a cruise is stress-free, cruising is suitable for all ages, and the possibilities for relaxation and adventure are endless. Are you looking forward to a sensational journey filled with unforgettable moments at sea? I'm here to make it happen!


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