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Why visit Hungary?

The top 6 reasons to see this beautiful country!

For the delicious food

Hungarian culture is deep-rooted in its culinary traditions, and the best example of that is a piping hot bowl of Goulash, a hearty stew packed with meat and vegetables. Goulash can trace its origins back thousands of years to a soup made by Hungarian shepherds and is just one of Hungary’s nationally prized dishes.

Chimney Cakes, also called Kürtőskalács, are a popular treat that you will not want to miss out on. Made with raised dough and rolled in sugar, these cakes are wrapped around a baking spit.

For the architecture

The Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest was inspired by London’s Houses of Parliament and was completed in 1902. At night, you can see its beautiful reflection in the Danube River illuminated by the moonlight.

Matthias Church in Budapest has been described as one of the most unique churches in Europe. Both the exterior and interior are breathtaking and different.

For the culture

Budapest is a wonderful mix of all the amenities of a European capital city combined with the charm of a small town. Chic pubs and trendy stores line the streets, next to museums and local artisans keeping alive craft techniques that have been passed down through the generations.

They have low prices

Hungary is a top destination for budget travelers, with Budapest ranking among the most budget-friendly holiday destinations in Europe. Hungary’s capital city offers a wide range of economical eats and even free admission to some attractions, such as the Fisherman’s Bastion, a scenic viewing terrace located in the Buda Castle.

The winter markets have countless vendors, free concerts by local Hungarian bands, and a variety of delicious food. These markets are a place you won’t want to miss.

It’s home to fantastic river cruises

On the Danube River in Budapest, cotton candy-colored skies and pristine palaces paint the skyline and leave you looking in awe at the city around you. Sailing down the Danube and visiting the cities and towns along the way is definitely a bucket-list travel experience. These river cruises often begin or end in Budapest.

Wellness highlight: visit the thermal baths

Thousands of visitors each year come to enjoy the thermal waters in Hungary. Thermal waters are known to minimize muscular pains, improve metabolism, reduce stress, help with cardiovascular disease, reduce rheumatism and joint as well as respiratory diseases, and improve allergies and skin diseases.

Thermal springs in Hungary are found in amazing hotels and locations throughout the country and feature relaxing jets, exquisite architectural details, and hundred-degree water. They can be found in all locales, from Budapest's City Park to the world’s second-largest thermal lake, situated in a volcanic crater.

Let me know if you’re interested in planning a trip to Hungary!


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