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Where ELSE can you go in the Caribbean without a passport?

Part 2: The amazing island of St. Thomas

St. Thomas is one of three islands which make up the U.S. Virgin Islands, and does not require a passport to visit! The other two islands are St. Croix and St. John; St. Thomas is the liveliest and most populated of the three, and spans 32 square miles of tropical beauty. Charlotte Amalie, the capital city, is located here, and boasts one of the most breathtaking harbors in the world.

Six things to do in St. Thomas:

1 – Visit Blackbeard’s Castle. This historic landmark, originally known as “Skytsborg,” was once home of a 19th century pirate, Edward Teach, or Blackbeard. Its tower is the oldest structure in the USVI. You’ll want to climb the 99 flower-lined brick steps to the lookout, where the views are breathtaking. Today the tower is surrounded by a hotel and restaurant.

2 – Go scuba diving. St. Thomas is home to all types of tropical fish and sea life, including snapper, reef sharks, angel fish, barracuda, dolphin, flounder, puffer fish, and many colorful small sea cucumbers. St. Thomas has professional instructors and guides who are experienced with all of the dive sites around, and can help you with whatever you need, whether you’re a beginner or experienced diver. For beginners, you’ll find warm, calm seas, great visibility, and a lot to see at 20-30 feet. Experienced divers can explore everything from reefs to shipwrecks.

3 – Visit Charlotte Amalie. Here in the capital city, you’ll find spectacular nightlife, exquisite dining, and amazing duty-free shopping (Charlotte Amalie has the reputation for being the shopping capital of the Caribbean).

4 – Spend time on one of St. Thomas’ 40+ sun-drenched coastlines. Some beaches have crystal clear water with white sands and coconut trees; others have coves offering windsurfing and kayaking, and still others have amenities such as chair rentals, restaurants, rest rooms, and water sports centers for some great activities.

5 – Take a tour to Hassel Island. The historic Hassel Island is located in the Charlotte Amalie Harbor, just a short boat ride away. Maintained by the national parks service and the St. Thomas Historical Trust, Hassel Island is home to 135 acres of preserved history. With 3.5 miles of well-maintained hiking trails, you can explore Danish and British colonial sites, hear about the island’s connection to the American Revolution, espionage, sea captains and privateers, and visit military and shipping sites.

6 – Take a sea kayaking tour. Choose from a day sea kayaking trip which includes lessons, beverages, photos, lunch, and snorkeling among tropical fish, rays, and sea turtles, or a night kayak tour, where you have a chance to see the incredible marine life through clear-bottom kayaks ringed with powerful LED lights.

What are the requirements to travel to the USVI right now?

Every traveler older than five needs to complete the pre-travel Travel Screening Portal; fully vaccinated guests fill out the information and don’t need a Covid test, but nonvaccinated guests must present a negative Covid test along with filling out the online information. It’s very easy to travel there!

The US Virgin Islands, and St. Thomas particularly, are fabulous Caribbean destinations to visit! You’ll love the friendly, welcoming people, and won’t want to leave the charm and relaxation of these beautiful powdery white beaches and sunny skies. It’s so easy to travel here, you’ll be planning your next visit as soon as you leave.


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