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What does adventure look like…Disney style?

Check out these amazing Disney-hosted vacations!

Are you a Disney fan? If so, you might already know that Disney isn’t just confined to the happiest-place-on-earth theme parks. They have resorts in Hawaii, Vero Beach (Florida), and Hilton Head (South Carolina), and they also offer guided group travel all over the world! Their group travel section is called Adventures by Disney. I talk about group travel fairly regularly, because I think it’s such an awesome way to travel stress-free. Disney, as usual, doesn’t disappoint with their guided family vacations. They offer both scheduled group adventures, and private ones so you can schedule your own dates.

On a Disney adventure, you are a traveler and an adventurer, not just a tourist.

Where does Disney Adventures go? Read on to find out. You might be amazed!

Disney Adventures in Africa, Asia & the Pacific

That’s right: you can go on a South African safari, or in Asia visit Japan or China, or Southwest Asia with Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. In the Pacific, you can visit the Maori people and striking landscapes in New Zealand, or explore the tropical rainforests and snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. And if Egypt is on your bucket list, you’ll experience Cairo, the treasures of King Tut and the Great Pyramids, and visit the magnificent Nile River.

Disney Adventures in Central and South America

Adventures by Disney can take you to the paradise of Costa Rican rainforests and coastlines. You can visit he ruins of Peru, experience the cuisine of Buenos Aires and the Patagonia, or sail on a river boat down the Amazon. The Buenos Aires and Amazon adventures are a perfect prelude to an Antarctic or Galapagos expedition cruise (keep reading for more info on those!).

Disney Adventures in Europe and the U.K.

Adventures by Disney knows how to vacation in Europe and the U.K.! There are so many options in this region; you can’t believe them all! Get immersed in royalty and history as you visit England and France, or walk the cobblestone streets and explore contemporary architecture in Germany. Explore ancient castles in Ireland. Visit the lush countrysides, castles, and lochs of Scotland.

A Grand Europe tour includes seeing England, France, and Italy, or if you prefer to stay in Greece, you can exclusively stay there. Focusing on just Italy allows you to experience in-depth local food and sites. Iceland is a true bucket-list waterfall, glacier, and volcano destination; or Norway will showcase its fjords, lakes, villages, and culture. And there’s more: Spain, Denmark, Portugal, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Austria.

I warned you that Disney knows how to showcase Europe!

Disney Adventures and River Cruises

I put river cruises in its own category, even though they include more options in Europe. The Disney Adventure river cruise destinations include Paris, the Seine River, the Rhine River (with Christmas Markets or food & wine), the Danube (with or without Christmas Markets), or the Danube for Oktoberfest. So many great choices to explore with your family or group!

Disney Adventures and Expedition Cruising

Expedition cruise ships are smaller (allowing 100-190 people total) vessels that allow you to visit more inaccessible or uninhabited places in the world, namely Antarctica and Patagonia, the Galapagos Islands, and an Arctic Expedition. These expeditions include adventure guides, like all Disney Adventures, plus naturalists who know in-depth info about each place and guest speakers. These fun cruising adventures offer special curated activities for junior adventurers, Disney-style.

Disney Adventures in North America

Besides just California and Florida, Disney adventures are all across North America, including Alaska, Arizona, Utah, the Canadian Rockies, Montana, Wyoming, and New England. In Alaska, you’ll visit Denali National Park, pan for gold, and meet some real Iditarod sled dogs; in Arizona & Utah, visit the Grand Canyon and go river rafting on the Colorado River, plus see Arches National Park. The Canadian Rockies are home to glaciers, lakes, and forests; in Montana and Wyoming see Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park, go glamping, and ride horses and fly fish, and New England you’ll see country farms and quaint villages, rivers, and mountains.

What do you think? Does your inner child (or your adult self plus your children) want to try one of these amazing adventures? I think I need to include a lot more info in some future posts, so you can get a sense of how incredible these really are! Let me know if you’re interested in finding out more!


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