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The ultimate packing list for your next girls' getaway!

The 11 things you don't want to forget!

Are you thinking about planning, or do you already have in the works, a girls’ getaway?  When it comes to the perfect girls' trip, it's all about making memories, sharing countless laughs, and enjoying every moment to the fullest. Whether you're jetting off to a tropical paradise, exploring a bustling city, or taking a serene retreat in the countryside, the success of your getaway lies in what you pack. So, let’s dive a little deeper into my ultimate packing list to ensure your journey is filled with laughter, adventure, and stories to tell for years to come.

A Good Pair of Shoes:

Think of your shoes as your trusty sidekicks. A versatile pair that can withstand a day of exploration yet chic enough for an evening escapade is a must. Remember, the right shoes can take you to all the right places.


Glowing, not roasting, should be your vacation motto. A broad-spectrum sunscreen will shield your skin from those sneaky UV rays, ensuring your squad's selfies are sunburn-free. Plus, protecting your skin today means a healthier, radiant you tomorrow.

Great Snacks:

Snacks are the unsung heroes of any trip. Imagine laughing over your favorite chips under the stars or sharing granola bars on a mountain peak. These moments of togetherness are what friendship and travel are all about.

Reusable Water Bottle:

Keeping hydrated keeps the fun going. A stylish, reusable water bottle is not only a step towards eco-friendly travel but also a constant reminder to drink up and stay refreshed.

Portable Speaker:

From beach bonfires to hotel room heart-to-hearts, your playlist can set the soundtrack for your entire trip. A small, durable portable speaker becomes a vessel of your collective memories, filled with songs that'll take you back to this trip for years to come.

Versatile Outfits:

The art of packing smart is in choosing outfits that serve multiple purposes. A sarong that turns into a wrap for chilly evenings, a little black dress that’s beach-ready with flip-flops or dinner-appropriate with heels—the possibilities are endless when you pack with versatility in mind.

Unisom or Tylenol PM:

Transitioning to a new time zone or finding the sweet spot on an unfamiliar pillow might invite unwanted insomnia. A gentle sleep aid ensures that restlessness doesn’t steal precious time from your adventure.

A Polaroid Camera:

In our digital age, the charm of polaroids lies in their immediacy and tangibility. Each click captures not just a scene, but a tangible piece of your collective joy, instantly shared and forever cherished.

A Conversation-Starting Book:

A thought-provoking book can be a wonderful way to unwind and bond. Whether it's a thrilling mystery, a transformative self-help, or a legendary romance, it’s another avenue to connect and share perspectives.

Extra Tote Bag:

An impromptu shopping spree, a collection of beach essentials, or a place to stash those souvenir finds—a foldable tote bag is the hero you didn’t know you needed. It's like having a little extra room in your suitcase, just when you need it.

A Deck of Cards:

From quiet nights in to waiting out a rainstorm, a deck of cards is a gateway to laughter and camaraderie. It's a testament to the simple joys of friendship, where a game of Spades or Uno can become the highlight of your day.

With these 11 travel essentials, your girls' getaway is guaranteed to be unforgettable. It's about creating a journey filled joy, comfort, and some great bonding moments. So, lace up those versatile shoes, slap on some sunscreen, and let the music lead your way. Your adventure awaits, and it's full of fun, laughter, and stories waiting to be told. Happy travels, ladies!


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