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The top 8 reasons to book a villa vacation now!

I have the PERFECT physical distancing solution, other than camping by out in the middle of nowhere! Staying in a villa.

Please don’t fall off your chair, or click out of this because you think, “I can’t afford a villa!” Hang on a minute! That’s why we’re having this conversation. With villas, there is something for everyone. No matter your budget, no matter how few or how many people are in your party, there’s a location and a villa for you.

I’ve put together the top 8 reasons I’d stay in a villa. At the end I’ve included additional pics and examples.

#8: Protection in case the unexpected happens. A few years ago, when the hurricanes came through the Caribbean, guests with villas were provided a full refund, or their money was transferred to a villa in a new destination. And with Covid-19, everyone with reservations who couldn’t travel was moved to a future departure date.

#7: Quality. Properties are carefully selected and vetted, so I know I’m getting exactly what I’m hoping for. Each home is cleaned from top to bottom after every check-out.

#6: Personalization. Staying at a villa, we have direct contact with the villa owner in case we have questions or need something. And, it’s just me and my people, not a whole bunch of strangers around.

#5: SOOO many choices! With 2,900+ certified, vetted villas in 52 destinations around the world, there’s really a HUGE selection.

5a: Close to home destinations. You might think you have to go far away to experience a villa, but I can choose from HUNDREDS right in the U.S.

5b - International and far-flung destinations. I can really “get away” to places like Italy, Indonesia, or French Polynesia, and there are a LOT of white-sand Caribbean options as well.

#4: I can book something SOON! I can book something for next WEEK! Or the holidays. Or just whenever I want to.

#3: I can book far out—into 2021 and 2022. And unlike some timeshare condo stays, I can choose to arrive any day of the week and stay as long as I want.

#2: Personal concierge! This on-location person helps with everything: pre-stocking groceries, planning excursions (including culinary classes and food tours if I want), making dinner reservations, helping put together a birthday or anniversary celebration, and just being the go-to person.

#1: Whatever my price point, there’s something for me. From 1-bedroom to 42-bedroom estates, with pricing from $275 to $50,000 per night, I can go on a romantic getaway with my husband, or with our entire neighborhood. (Not that I’d want to necessarily, although I do love my neighbors!)

Villas are an incredible choice. So versatile, private, pampering, and amazing. I definitely vote VILLA. Let me know if you’re interested in reserving one, and I’ll help you out.


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