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100 Best Travel Essentials!

Updated: Apr 11

Can you believe there really are 100 things you should pack?!

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In honor of my 100th podcast and video episode, I put together a list of the 100 essential things you should pack for your next trip!

Here, I've only listed the first 21--because I'm aware that you might not really care about my 100 things. But please shoot me an e-mail if you want the whole list, and I'll send you the pdf right away!

I've divided them into categories, and actually, because I had more than 100 originally, I condensed some of them (for example, number 19 is tennis shoes/comfortable shoes, rather than having two sets of shoes listed for 19 and 20).

Anyway, enjoy the list of 21 here, be sure to listen and/or watch for all of them, and let me know if you want the full list! I also would appreciate it if you SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW, and/or SHARE! My e-mail:

Clothes to pack

1.    Daytime pants/jeans

2.    Dressy pants

3.    Shorts

4.    Belt

5.    Daytime tops

6.    Evening tops

7.    Coat/Jacket

8.    Cardigan/Sweater/Hoodie

9.    Skirts

10.           Dresses

11.           Pajamas

12.           Underwear

13.           Bras

14.           Socks

15.           Swim suit(s)

16.           Workout gear & sports bras

Shoes to pack

17.           Sandals

18.           Evening shoes

19.           Tennis shoes/comfortable shoes

20.           Boots/short boots

21.           Flip flops/sliders/water shoes

Thanks for sticking with me! I appreciate you! Shoot me an e-mail for the whole list!


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