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The gifts of travel

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Traveling is such a gift, don’t you think? This year, think about gifting yourself or your loved ones or friends with travel. I’ve been a travel advisor for 20+ years, and here are some of my favorite benefits from this incredible gift.

1 – The gift of pleasure. We get to savor the planning, and look forward with enjoyment the adventures we’ll have.

2 – The gift of anticipation. Anticipating the experiences, memories, and even the photos we’ll capture and be able to re-live.

3 – The gift of surprise. Even in places we’ve been previously, there are always a few surprises, because we’re experiencing our trip at a different time.

4 – The gift of being spoiled. Traveling to a different location is such a luxury! (I love to add some spa treatments, long lunches or dinners, or upgraded rooms to make myself feel extra spoiled.)

5 – The gift of nature. Noticing the sky, hearing birds, and being surrounded by the outdoors can greatly improve our physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

6 – The gift of escape. Escaping to and exploring a different location is extremely refreshing and improves productivity, performance, and mental health!

7 – The gift of connection. Traveling creates meaningful connections, both with new people we interact with, and the people we are traveling with. Connecting is easy when you’re sharing experiences.

Consider creating amazing experiences for yourself and those you love. Contact me when you’re ready to give yourself or others this incredible gift!

Happy traveling!


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