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The best reasons to enjoy a Canyon Ranch retreat!

Updated: May 19, 2021

An up-close interview with a Canyon Ranch insider Scroll down to read, or listen to our whole conversation here. To watch it and see the beautiful slides, click here.

Canyon Ranch Resorts are a leader in the wellness resort experience, and they offer incredible options for wellness-seekers! I recently talked to Naomi Rose from the Canyon Ranch team, and she gave me all the best reasons to enjoy a Canyon Ranch retreat. I’ve included some highlights below from our conversation.

Naomi: At Canyon Ranch, you can discover unique wellness experiences that will truly transform you, whether you're seeking wellness for the first time, or maybe you're a lifelong achiever of wellness, maybe you've gone through a major life transition recently, or you want to restore yourself in a nurturing environment after this past year. I think we can all agree, it's time for a little self-care for whatever personal goals you may have. We've got the tools and the staff to help you create a healthier life and create lasting change in your life.

We have a huge team of integrative wellness experts that all work together to create totally customized programs for each guest. We’ve created pathways which are a more curated bundle of services to help guide our guests to creating their perfect wellness journey. Each stay at Canyon Ranch is completely customizable.

Barbara: So just to clarify, the pathways are the intention that you have when you arrive at the resort for what you want to get out of your stay. Is that right?

Naomi: That's correct. it's really like a bundled set of services. We have over 200 wellness services and treatments. Some examples of pathways are: healthy weight programs, transition purposefully, reconnect with joy, lifestyle reset, or life enhancement.

We have four very different locations, each offering an immersive wellness experience that's carefully curated and crafted to each destination. Canyon Ranch Lenox is our most comprehensive immersion resort experience, where people come for longer stays and really immerse themselves in the wellness resort experience. Canyon Ranch Woodside is our newest property in Northern California, and it's a smaller, more intimate retreat experience. Canyon Ranch in Las Vegas is North America's largest getaway spot, and it's a little tranquil location right off the Las Vegas strip; it is a very special day spa experience. Our flagship property in Tucson, Arizona is a destination wellness resort, totally dedicated to life enhancement. This was the first Canyon Ranch, and it's really paved the way for what guests experience at all of our resorts.

Canyon Ranch Tucson

Canyon Ranch Tucson is a very beautiful, tranquil setting. We get about 350 days of sunshine, and our average temperatures are about 75 degrees in fall, winter and spring. We have low triple-digits in the summer. We took a little time off last year and completely renovated all of our rooms at the resort and many of the public spaces.

Our resorts are totally inclusive. Rates include accommodations, meals and snacks, airport transfers, approximately 35 daily activities, including fitness classes, hiking, biking, creative arts classes, and cooking classes. It's really kind of like summer camp for adults.

Canyon Ranch Lenox

Moving over to the East coast, we have our beautiful Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts. We opened this property in 1989. Lenox is truly one of the most charming little storybook towns I've ever visited. The surrounding areas are just beautiful.

This resort was designed to be in harmony with the environment. There are climate-controlled walkways throughout the entire resort, connecting the East and West wing to the spa buildings, the library and the dining rooms. So you can be in Lennox during any time of the year. It is really a four-season resort in that way. We offer an extensive outdoor program, and each changing season brings a different experience. Guests can try a photography hike in the peak of fall foliage or quiet snowshoeing or cross-country skiing in the winter. In the summertime, Lenox becomes a cultural hub, with Tanglewood, Shakespeare, and farmer's markets every weekend.

Canyon Ranch Woodside

Our Canyon Ranch Woodside property is located in Northern California. This is a smaller, more intimate property than our other two resorts. Woodside enjoys 16 acres in the Redwood Forest with 38 guests rooms, 24 of which are tree-style accommodations. Fourteen are retreat rooms that are connected to the main lodge, with private balconies in each room. Guests feel totally immersed into nature and in the redwoods.

There are so many ways to get immersed into nature at our Woodside property. You can start with a morning workout on our forest fitness obstacle course or do yoga on the deck. There are world-class hiking trails and biking trails nearby, private guided hikes, or group hikes. We also have popular workshops like forest bathing, yoga, or just simply relax and enjoy all the wonderful spa services, stress management workshops, or other activities.

Although all of our resorts are really wonderful for groups, where we have fully customized experiences curated for you, we do private groups in Woodside Monday through Thursday, and then we open it up to all leisure travel travelers on the weekends, Thursday through Monday.

Canyon Ranch Las Vegas

Canyon Ranch Las Vegas is a wonderful day spa experience and is one of the largest in North America. It includes a rock-climbing wall and huge fitness center, plus amazing spa treatment facilities. It's a beautiful day spa experience in Las Vegas, a great option. We get a lot of big groups, bachelorette groups and things like that.

Barbara: The great thing about being a partner with Canyon Ranch is that we can offer some extra amenities when you use us, Suite Dreams Travel, to book your stay. The amenities include a room upgrade upon arrival, a $100 resort credit to use during your stay, early check-in and check-out, and complimentary Wi-Fi. The room upgrade and early check-in and out are based on availability; if you travel during high season, one or both of those upgrades may not be available. The favorite amenity is the definitely the $100 resort credit.

There are so many best reasons to visit a Canyon Ranch retreat: the four different locations, the all-inclusive experience, the curated, personalized options, and the additional amenities provided through us! It’s such an amazing wellness option; let me know if you’d like to know more or book your next wellness retreat.


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