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Seine River Cruise: Monet's Gardens in Giverny

Updated: Jan 4

A wonderful destination for a river cruise along the Seine River, France.

One of the stops on our Seine River cruise is a stop at Claude Monet's famous gardens in Giverny, France. This is where the artist, known as the Father of Impressionism, created his famous paintings. Monet challenged the art norms by painting outdoors and using swift brushstrokes to capture the essence of his surroundings.


Born in the urban vibe of Paris, Monet was a pioneer who revolutionized art.

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In 1883, Monet fell in love with the quiet town of Giverny and decided to move his family there. He transformed his home and gardens into a vibrant, colorful retreat that inspired many of his masterpieces. Monet designed his home with a keen eye for color and detail, creating vibrant rooms that complemented the grandeur of his gardens. Every inch of the property was crafted with the painter's intent to capture the changing light and seasons.


Today, you can walk through these same gardens, which are open to the public, and see where Monet spent over forty years creating art. While Monet's paintings now command sky-high prices at auctions, visiting Giverny offers you a firsthand view of the lush landscapes that inspired him—without the need for a millionaire's budget. Wander through the famous gardens that bloom with the very flowers and plants Monet cherished and immortalized in his art


As we plan our French river cruise for next year, we'll stop in Vernon, close to Monet's home, so you can experience these beautiful gardens for yourself.


Not far from Monet's piece of paradise, history enthusiasts can explore the magnificent Chateau de Gaillon and the Gardens d’Acquigny. While the chateau has had its share of historical ups and downs, its beauty has been lovingly restored so visitors can appreciate the splendor of French heritage.


Sean and I can't wait for this cruise, and we'd love for you to join us! We've secured a group space to ensure a spot for you on this trip. You’ll find different room options to fit your budget, and all food and excursions are included in the cruise.

This river cruise is more than a vacation; it’s a full cultural immersion, a chance to soak in the beauty, history, and art of France in comfort and style. Set sail with us for an unforgettable adventure along the Seine, where each day unfolds into another chapter of exploration and elegance.

If you’d like more info on the cruise, click here. It’s happening Oct. 19-26, 2024, and I’d absolutely love to have some friends come along!


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