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How to eat your way around the world!

Highlighting some favorite foods and where they come from

Why is Thanksgiving one of our favorite holidays? I’m pretty sure it’s because we get to eat some of our favorite foods. And it’s right around the corner! So today let’s have some fun with eating our way around the world! If I mention one of your favorites, then you’ll definitely have to put that country on your travel bucket list. Some dishes are super easy to recognize where they originate from, but others might surprise you!

(And don't worry, I included plenty of pictures, because what's a good article about food without some great eye candy?!)

Apple Strudel: Austria

Dessert for breakfast? Definitely. Perhaps most popular in Austria, apple strudel can be found in bakeries across Eastern Europe and I am loving the thought of having this for breakfast with a hot cup of hot chocolate or coffee.

I can show you Vienna first, and then put you on a train to Salzburg for your very own Sound of Music experience.

Taco: Mexico

Tacos are still a favorite menu item when traveling to Mexico! Skip the beans and rice and add another taco, because who can actually decide between chicken, carnitas or fish?

For sure, there’s way more to Mexico than just beautiful beaches! (Although I agree, I could escape to Tulum any day of the year.)

Hummus: Middle East

Sorry Sabra, I’m ditching you for the real thing! This chickpea spread is so popular throughout the entire Middle East region that several countries have tried to claim it as its place of origin.

Wherever it came from, I’ll eat it with every dish while traveling through the region.

Is Petra or Dubai more your style? Maybe somewhere in the middle: Tel Aviv?

Sushi: Japan

Sure, you can get sushi anywhere, but nowhere is it as fresh and delicious as Japan. Buckle up for the adventure because you will find more eel, urchin, octopus and other exotic options in Japan than anywhere else.

If you plan to get serious with your sushi, don’t forget to brush up on your sushi etiquette before heading over!

Fish & Chips: England

Trust me, fish & chips tastes better across the pond! You can find this traditional English dish in nearly every pub across England, usually served with a side of smashed peas. If you like fish & chips here in America, you’ll LOVE them in England!

Pizza: Italy

From the birthplace of pizza in Naples to the street vendors in Venice and every city in between, you will find amazing pizza in Italy. Don’t bother straying from the traditional Italian dishes when visiting this beautiful country, each new pizza or pasta dish you order will not disappoint (although they may be a little different from our Americanized versions). Beware the tuna pizza; if your eyes mistake it for sausage, your tastebuds will be shocked!

Croissants: France

Butter doesn’t count when it’s in a croissant, right? Okay maybe not. But you should still visit a bakery every day you are in France. From fresh croissants for breakfast to macaroons for dessert, there is something so perfectly soothing about poking around local bakeries throughout the country. And they’re everywhere!

Did you update your travel bucket list yet to include one of these destinations? Ready to plan a trip to include a food favorite? I have info on culinary trips, or trips with some culinary highlights (like a cooking class or food tour), if you’re interested.

Let me know if I can help you put together your next food-inspired trip!


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