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Fun Excursions in the Riviera Maya

Updated: May 10, 2023

Lots of water & land options for everyone!

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My youngest daughter is getting married in about a week and a half, and she and her fiancé are headed to Cancun and staying in the Riviera Maya for their honeymoon. That gave me the idea to share with you some great ideas about some amazing possibilities of activities in the area. Once you’ve got your flights, resort, and transportation booked, then you’re ready to start thinking about what you want to do off-site while you’re on vacation.

Things to consider

Before booking your excursions, make sure you think about the following:

· How far is the excursion from your hotel?

· What are your interests: land or water (or both)?

· How much control do you want to have over your excursion: would you prefer it to be all guided, or do you want to arrange your own transportation and experience?

· How many people do you want to share your excursion with?

· What’s your budget?

· How long do you want your excursion to be?

All of these questions will be important when you’re thinking about scheduling some time away from the resort. We can talk about all of this when you’re ready to book. The types of excursions you might want to add would be water excursions, adventure excursions, archaeological sites, golf, family-friendly options, and food experiences.

Water excursions

Most of the excursions in the Riviera Maya involve water! Some of the possible options are: visiting cenotes (underground cave rivers), snorkeling or scuba diving, visiting waterparks, swimming with whale sharks and dolphins, and fishing. Of course, there are also the normal water activities like jet skiing, paddleboarding, parasailing, canoeing, Flowriders, and similar watersports.


The Riviera Maya is a fantastic place to find adventure. Adventure excursions include things like zip lines, jet boats, ropes courses, monster trucks, ATV driving, bungee swings, horseback riding, hanging bridges, rock climbing and rappelling. Most of these adventures are accessed through adventure parks like Xplor, Adenturas Maya, and Selvatica, where you spend the day doing lots of fun activities.

Archaeological Sites

Mexico has some incredible archeological ruins and sites to visit. Some of them include Tulum, Coba, Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, El Rey, and Muyil. It’s especially important to know how far away these sites are from the resort where you’re staying since you can end up spending a long time in a van or bus if your favorite site is a few hours away. Also, with the exception of Tulum, the sites aren’t on beaches or water, so plan accordingly for a warm day of excursions.


This Caribbean-Mayan paradise has plenty of places to experience the beauty and excitement of golfing! From golf courses at resorts, such as the Iberostar Cancun Golf Club, to stand-alone courses like the Riviera Maya Golf Club, you’re sure to find a course that suits you, if golf is your interest.

Family-friendly excursions

Of course, a lot of the excursions I’ve listed so far can fall into the family-friendly category, but I also thought of a few that I haven’t mentioned yet. Xcaret is an eco-park with a Mayan village, a butterfly pavilion, cenote, horses, and kids’ programs. Visit the Akumal Monkey Sanctuary to see more than 50 monkey species, and the Akumal Natura Reserve to visit rehabilitating animals, a bee farm, and experience planting a tree. There’s also horseback riding and the nightly Captain Hook Dinner cruise with a pirate show which has great entertainment for the whole family.


If you’re interested in food, there are a handful of great foodie experiences you can have, in addition to the fantastic choices at your own resort, of course! You can experience some tastings and specialty dinners at nearby resorts, go on food tours, or experience cooking classes. Chocolate lovers will enjoy the Ah Cacao class.

No matter what your interests are, there’s probably an excursion that fits you! Let me know your preferences, and I’ll be happy to match you up with the perfect excursions in the Riviera Maya.


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