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Do you have a wellness travel personality?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

See how well you can identify yourself! (Watch or scroll to read the blog post.)

Listen to this episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or anywhere you get your podcasts! Our personalities affect the way we live our lives, and wellness travel is no exception! Everyone has a wellness personality! Which one of these are you?

The “all-in” wellness traveler!

The “all-in” wellness traveler knows they want a wellness getaway, and they intentionally set out to travel for wellness. Maybe they’re looking for a yoga retreat, or a spa vacation, or a weight loss retreat. They are usually looking for wellness structure in their vacation: for example, doing yoga classes twice per day, hiking every morning, or attending a cooking or nutrition class on a certain day of their trip.

The “toe-dipper” wellness traveler!

The “toe-dipper” is someone taking a vacation who wants to include a few wellness elements added in. It might be part of a family cruise or all-inclusive resort, mom and dad taking some time to enjoy a massage, or scheduling in some hiking or other outdoor adventures to enjoy nature.

The “DIY” wellness traveler!

The “Do-It-Yourself” wellness traveler likes lots of options. They don’t want everything that they are going to do during their getaway to be planned up-front; they prefer to be able to pick and choose as they are in the moment.

The “who wants to plan?” wellness traveler!

This wellness traveler doesn’t want to make the decisions on their own. They love a type of wellness resort that has everything planned for them; they often travel with someone else who already made most of the major decisions, and they’re happy to go along with most of the choices already made.

The “in-the-moment” wellness traveler

You might think this is another version of “who-needs-a-plan,” but it’s actually completely different. The “in-the-moment” wellness traveler loves meditation, or focusing on being in the moment. If this type of wellness vacation appeals to you,

The “nature lover” wellness traveler

This wellness traveler loves planning as many nature-experiencing opportunities as possible during their trip. They’re the one who is always looking for a hike, nature walk, or biking opportunity.

The “food-focused” wellness traveler

This traveler isn’t always a foodie, although that could be one definition of him or her. Often this traveler has some food allergies or sensitivities, or requires a certain type of diet to be able to be their most healthy. This traveler is looking for certainty that the hotel, resort, or retreat that they are visiting will be able to accommodate their needs.

The “lifelong learner” wellness traveler

This wellness traveler is always looking for a new wellness experience. It could be a new location or country, learning about a new fitness program or how to manage stress, or learning some healthy cooking recipes.

Do you see yourself in any of these descriptions? Of course, you can be a combination of several! If I’m on a family vacation, then I’d definitely be a toe dipper. But if I’m planning a wellness vacation for myself, I’m so happy to be all in, have so many planned wellness activities, and also fall in the lifelong learner wellness traveler category!

Whatever kind of wellness travel personality you have, I’m happy to know you!


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