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Casa Alternavida: An Undiscovered Wellness Paradise in Puerto Rico

Updated: 7 days ago

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I think we get used to hearing about wellness properties in the U.S., but we don’t very often hear about wellness options in Puerto Rico. A small boutique property called Casa Alternavida is a fantastic choice, if you’re looking for something amazing and tailored to your, or your group’s, specific needs.

Photo courtesy of Casa Alternavida

Who are they?


The team at Casa Alternavida, consisting of coaches, nature guides, yoga, meditation, breathwork, mindset and energy facilitators, plus massage therapists, focus on the principle that there are healthier ways to balance life and work. They focus on stopping the unconscious addiction to stress, overwhelm, and struggle, and instead focus on a healthy, balanced lifestyle that yields better results.


Rising from what had once been a forgotten structure is Casa Alternavida, a gem that was transformed from the ashes of an old building which was abandoned for seven years.


This boutique wellness retreat stands nestled between the beach and the jungle, serving as a haven for growth-minded individuals and groups, offering an all-inclusive, personalized retreat experience.


Photo courtesy of Casa Alternavida



Casa Alternavida is an excellent choice for team-building experiences. Shaped by strong values of unity and togetherness, the location itself serves as a catalyst for fostering stronger relationships. It's with this understanding of unity that guests at Casa Alternavida are welcomed into an adventure in self-discovery.


They extend an invitation to step out of your ordinary routine and dive into an extraordinary journey of rediscovery, guided by practice of aligning mind, body, and nature. The retreat offers a variety of customized experiences to meet every guest's needs - whether you're seeking a personal retreat, planning a group event, or looking to join a themed retreat that focuses on specific transformational topics.


Photo courtesy of Casa Alternavida



There are nine distinctive themed rooms, encasing the diverse spirits of nature. Every room radiates a unique charm with antique refurbished furniture and come equipped with a bathroom, two rooms with bathrooms outside for a twist on the traditional. The retreat comfortably accommodates group size from seven to a maximum of 16 people in couples.

 Photo courtesy of Casa Alternavida



Amidst lush vegetation on the grounds, you’ll discover old mango trees, acerola blossoms, and passion fruit on the vine. Along with these are thriving pineapple shrubs and papayas, bananas, plantains, and a variety of cooking herbs. The retreat boasts a rugged trail that meanders through the rainforest-rich property, a path that guests are welcome to explore and perhaps, find a moment of peace.


Regardless of whether you're a solitary explorer or part of a group, Casa Alternavida presents the perfect opportunity for immersive transformation. The minimum for a group buyout is seven people, but they can comfortably accommodate up to 16 individuals in couples.


Photo courtesy of Casa Alternavida



Meals are customized to pamper your taste buds and nourish your body. The team curates nature-based adventures based on your skill and interest level, included with individual bookings and added to group bookings as needed.




This is a great property if you’re looking to get away from the stress of everyday life. They’re located just 30 minutes from the San Juan airport, between the El Yunque National rainforest and the warm turquoise ocean.

Their website says it best: “Casa Alternavida is a boutique wellness retreat center offering a high-touchpoint, guided retreat experience for curious, growth-minded individuals and groups. Our approach is to get people out of their heads and into their body, a vast and commonly untapped intelligence that can bring deep insight and guidance. We work with nature as a metaphor during our daily adventures, supporting mindset shifts that give our guests opportunities to reconnect to their essential self.”

So, how do you visit Casa Alternavida? As a solo traveler or with a friend or significant other, booking into a themed stay on a certain date, or using the property for your own personal, family, or corporate group. It’s a great place to know about!

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