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Adventure is STILL out there! My next top 10 adventure travel destinations

From India to Ukbekistan, you'll love hearing about these adventure hotspots

The best adventures are the ones you share with other people. Do you have someone you love to share adventures with? Adventure destinations are a perfect opportunity for exploration, embracing the outdoors, seeing wildlife, and connecting with your adventure buddies. Here’s part two of my top adventure travel destinations.

1: India

Beyond navigating a different culture, India gives adventure travelers many adventure opportunities: from wildlife safaris in the heart of India's tiger country, to trekking the Himalayan foothills. You'll find snow-capped peaks, lush tropical jungles, and gorgeous beaches where there's an adventure at every turn.

2: Kyrgyzstan

After arriving in Kyrgyzstan's busy capital of Bishkek, your next stop should be Karakol. There you'll have direct access to the glorious Tian Shan Mountains, where you'll find the country's best hiking. You can also check out Jyrglan, where hiking and horseback treks are available.

3: Madagascar

If you want to mix adventure with nature, Madagascar is an excellent destination. Consider starting at the island's Ranomafana and Andasibe Mantadia National Parks. You'll find hikes ranging from 45 minutes to all-day, where you can see the country's wildlife. You can also check out Tsingy, which is a razor-sharp limestone formation you'll never forget.

4: Morocco

Because Morocco has so many adventure options, people are loving this destination. Here, you'll find scuba diving opportunities in the Mediterranean or chances to hike through the Middle Atlas and Rif Mountains.

5: Namibia

Namibia's stunning desert landscapes give way to numerous adventures. A favorite is photographing, tracking, and viewing the world's largest free-roaming population of black rhinos along Damaraland's Skeleton Coast as guests of the Desert Rhino Safari Camp.

6: New Zealand

There's no lack of ways of getting your adrenaline pumping when exploring the corners of New Zealand. From its beaches and old-grown forests, to mountain peaks and glaciers, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

7: Slovenia

The country's caves, coastlines, mountains, and rolling hills make it an adventure traveler's hot spot. There are countless waterfalls and an endless selection of biking routes, hiking trails, and mountain climbing. Don't forget to check out canyoning, which involves cliff-jumping, rappelling, and sliding into deep canyons!

8: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's ancient cities, cultural attractions, and rich ecology make it a must-see for seasoned adventure travelers. You'll find exotic wildlife, lush jungles, scenic mountain ranges, and pristine national parks throughout the country. Not only are these areas excellent for hiking, but there's no shortage of wildlife to view.

9: Tasmania

This country is perfect for adventure travelers who love bush-walks, hiking trails, and dramatic coastal cliffs. From white water rafting to discovering underground caves, Tasmania can keep adventure travelers busy for weeks.

10: Uzbekistan

Traveling to Uzbekistan allows you to trek along the same path as Arabes, Mongols, and Persians along the historic Silk Road. Many of the Silk Road's iconic cities lie within the country's borders, including Samarkand and Bukhara. There, you'll find mosaic madrassas and turquoise minarets, both familiar landmarks for caravans passing.

As you can see, there are countless ways to plan adventures when visiting these countries. Find someone to adventure with and give me a call! I’ll help you get wherever your next adventure takes you.


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