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Adventure is out there!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

What will you do for your next adventure?

The sun sparkling off of a perfect turquoise ocean. Me in my swimsuit, flippers, and mask. I’m off on an incredible snorkeling adventure.

But wait. I remember that I can get seasick, and I start to get anxious. And that I’m not a good swimmer. More anxiety. That beautiful ocean is starting to look not-so-beautiful to me all of a sudden.

This was me in Maui a few years ago. My husband Sean has never been seasick a day in his life, and is an Eagle Scout, so definitely got the swimming merit badge somewhere back in his teenage years. Not me. I had a crash course in swimming lessons one summer when I was about ten years old, and that’s the extent of my formal swim instruction. And I’ve told you about my tendencies to get seasick. Suddenly our perfect 20th anniversary snorkeling adventure was looking either sad for him, to not get to go (he was SOOO looking forward to it!), or sad for me, being sick and left behind. What to do?

I’m telling you, there was a perfect solution for both of my anxieties. The first one is called Dramamine—makes the queasy stomach settle. The second—and this was HUGE for me!!—is a flotation belt. This little miracle buckles around your midsection and keeps you afloat while you snorkel. When you’re wearing it, it keeps you in the perfect position, just below the surface, to see some incredible underwater sealife. And best of all, you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the Eagle Scout swimmer you’re married to. I was saved! The snorkel shop owner had probably never had someone rave over the miracle of his flotation belt like I did. Our snorkeling adventure turned out awesome—we snorkeled every day, all over Maui, and loved it.

Adventures. Your perfect one might be someone else’s anxiety. That’s why there are all sorts of adventure opportunities out there. Some of these you might not have considered before!

What type of adventure would you like to have for your next vacation? Here are a few suggestions for adventures you can take either here in America, or outside of our borders, once everything opens up.

An adventure of history and ancient sites

To be immersed in the history of America, visit Mesa Verde or New England and her lighthouses. Further afield, I’d suggest castles in England, Ireland or Scotland. I can help give suggestions and put itineraries together to make history a great adventure!

Unique adventures

See the most unique wildlife on earth by visiting Australia. Go hiking in Iceland, Norway, or England. Closer to home, get to know the wild birds of the Southwestern U.S, the wildflowers in the Rocky Mountains, or salmon fishing in Alaskan rivers.

Family history adventures

Go to the places where your family roots originated, whether another country, like Ireland, Italy, or England, or early American history. This can be a fascinating adventure to undertake with parents, grandparents, or other family members!

Art & culture adventures

You know where the fine art museums are located in France and Italy. Have you thought about discovering the history of kilts in Scotland? How about the folklore in Norway? Or have you ever wanted to discover the history behind jazz, blues, country, Cajun, or Appalachian? I can help put together a rockin’ great adventure to discover the music of America.

Culinary adventures

It goes without saying that culinary delights are some of the best reasons to travel. How about eating authentic Norwegian, Irish, Italian, Icelandic, or French food from the best foodie destinations? Or, if you prefer to explore an amazing culinary destination closer to home, you could try Napa Valley, California. I wrote about Napa Valley and other like-Europe destinations here if you want to read more.

Film & TV location adventures

After watching a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime, you may be ready to see in person some of the locations you’ve watched on screen! I can help you get to Italy, the sites of “Life is Beautiful” or “Letters to Juliet,” a couple of my Italian faves. Or what about Scotland, home to the sets of “Harry Potter,” “Game of Thrones,” “The BFG,” or “Outlander?” England hosts both “Harry Potter” and “Downton Abbey,” and “Game of Thrones” has some not-to-be-missed scenery in Iceland. Let me know if you’d like a movie or TV series-themed adventure.

Haunted adventures

If you’re into haunted castles, towers, vaults, cemeteries, or cities, ask me about the many haunted places you can explore in Ireland, England, and Scotland. In the U.S., there are loads of haunted locales in western hotels and mansions, including in Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, and New Mexico. Let me know if you’re interested in adventuring in some spooky sites!

Nature and hidden gems adventures

Photogenic. Breathtaking. Relaxing. Stunning. Scenic. If any of these words describe what you’re looking for in your next adventure, you might want to visit some of these incredible destinations: Northern Italy lakes. Iceland’s hot springs. Glorious New Zealand beaches. Waterfalls in Wales. Vacation isles in Scotland. Authentic English seaside towns. Oregon’s coastal gems. Rocky Mountain wildflowers. If any of these are speaking to you, let me know.

You may have some questions!

When can I travel & where can I go?

Good questions! For some places you can travel now! Others are opening soon, and still others haven’t announced opening dates yet. Ask me if you’re interested in a particular destination and I’ll let you know. Or, if you just want to get away, ask about that and I’ll give you some suggestions.

Should I book now, or wait?

I wish I had a crystal ball, but I don’t. Current thinking is that prices will go up as demand for travel goes up, so you may want to book sooner rather than later. Just make sure you know the cancellation or change policy (which I’ll let you know before you even book anything). You can book into 2021, and even into 2022, for some of these adventures! With just a small deposit, your trip will be reserved and you’ll be able to look forward to some great travel experiences at great rates.

Will I need to wear a mask?

Probably. It’s a thing right now. Maybe not forever, but for now just go with it.

Will I need to quarantine?

This is a fluid question—back to the crystal ball response. Ask me about the location’s policy when you book, and I’ll help you keep an eye on any changes that may occur between booking and traveling. Trip insurance is totally recommended, to make sure you can change or cancel if you need to.

Is it safe to fly?

Several studies have shown that airplanes are some of the least likely places to be infected by the virus. Masks are required to be worn, and the air in aircraft cabins is replaced with new fresh air every 2-3 minutes. Most planes are also fitted with air filters which trap 99.99% of particles—way better than most places you go!

What safety measures are being taken by hotels and tours?

Best practices are required for social distancing, disinfection of surfaces, and physical interactions. I want you to be safe, and will advise you of the practices specific to your destination.

Do I need a Covid-19 test?

More and more destinations are requiring a Covid-19 test prior to travel. It’s a constantly evolving situation; ask me about your specific destination.

To find a test, start with your primary care doctor. If they don’t provide testing, they’ll probably tell you of a nearby site where you can be tested.

The most common test is where the technician inserts a long cotton swab in a patient’s nose to collect a sample. Most often, it’s probably best to schedule your test 4-5 days in advance of your travel, to be sure you have the results in time.

Adventures are part of what makes life so amazing, don’t you think? I’m so glad that I figured out how to make snorkeling my own type of adventure—in spite of not being a good swimmer and having seasick tendencies. I figured out how to go snorkeling, even if it had to be modified a bit.

Luckily there are all different types of adventures. You can decide the type, and the length, and the location, for your next one.


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