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"Active & Discovery" European river cruises

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Avalon's in-depth way to explore the rivers of Europe

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To watch the video, click HERE. What’s different about Active & Discovery cruises?

Avalon is a river cruise company which offers some amazing options for European river cruising, called Active & Discovery cruises. With a normal Avalon river cruise, 80% of their offered excursions are classic ones, and 20% are more active & discovery. On one of their Active & Discovery river cruises, 80% of the excursions are more in depth, and 20% are classic ones. Active & Discovery river cruises are for people who love to try new things and have hands-on and in-depth immersive experiences. Some are active, like hiking to a castle or biking around town, and others are more in-depth like experiencing a painting class or touring an extinct volcano.

Avalon Cruise Line

A few things I love about Avalon are that they include breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, the services of an expert cruise director, a choice of excursions, complimentary Wi-Fi and computer stations, and comfortable accommodations and public spaces throughout their ships.

My favorite thing about Avalon is what they call “the widest view in the whole wide world.” Their Panorama Suites are 30% larger than standard river cruise ship suites, with an open-air balcony. Whereas other river cruise cabins have a view of the opposite wall when sitting or laying on your bed, Avalon has positioned their beds so you have a perfect view of the wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling, panoramic windows—“a view with a room.”

Another great thing about Avalon is that they share a parent company—the same company that offers the guided tours of Globus and Cosmos. Because of this, Avalon makes it super easy to add on pre- or post-cruise stays or destinations, including the transportation from the ship to your hotels, guided sightseeing, and plenty of optional excursions or free time to customize a pre- or post-cruise stay.

In Holland on the Rhine River, take the opportunity to visit a 12th-century restaurant and participate in a cooking workshop, creating and tasting the delicious final products. In France, enjoy a guided kayak trip through the spectacular canyons of a Rhone River tributary, attend a wine tasting in an underground cave, learn to prepare the local Chantilly crème, or visit a chocolate factory. In Hungary, attend the Medieval Knights Tournament. Learn to paint a masterpiece in Amsterdam, the home of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Warhol. And in Germany, take a canoe down a portion of the Moselle River.

What great experiences! I love the opportunities to experience these destinations in a more personal way. My goal in promoting wellness travel is creating connections between you, your destinations, and people. These Active & Discovery cruises are a perfect way to connect with your destinations, plus connect with the locals and those you travel with…and hopefully connect with parts of yourself! When you contact me to help plan your next trip, let me know how I can help you connect.


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