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Why visit the Dominican Republic?

One of the Caribbean's best-kept secrets

One of my favorite Caribbean destinations is the Dominican Republic. It shares an island with Hispaniola and Haiti, and it sees over 6 million visitors a year--2 million more than Cuba! I love sending people to the DR for so many reasons! One is that, next to Mexico, it gives you the most Caribbean bang for your buck; it helps you have a completely affordable yet amazing vacation. Filled with incredible luxury all-inclusive resorts on gorgeous stretches of powdery white beaches, the Dominican Republic offers so much more than a beautiful vacation spot with delicious cuisine.

Why would you visit the Dominican Republic?

Go for the scuba!

Scuba divers can choose from a wide array of diving sites off each coast. Its warm water and generally excellent visibility make most of the Dominican Republic a year-round destination. What's best about all these is that the dive sites are friendly to beginners, and a lot of the island's resorts offer discovery dives fit for everyone, even those who've never blown bubbles before.

Go for the golf!

The Dominican Republic is considered the undisputed leader of golf in the tropics because of its famed and impressive golf courses. Did you know that at least seven of the DR's courses have steadily topped Golfweek Magazine's Top 50 courses in the Caribbean and Mexico? Various courses offer you tee time by the sea.

Go for the horseback riding!

You can go horseback riding anywhere in the Dominican Republic. Puerto Plata's hills are challenging to beat, with a lush terrain that passes rivers, cattle, and vast swaths of pure Caribbean scenery. Samana's coconut-filled valleys and cliff-top sea views offer a surreal backdrop. La Romana's Casa de Campo is one of the best equestrian centers in the Caribbean. It gives you options such as cattle ranch trails, as well as expert-led lessons in English or Western-style riding. Whether novice or expert, horseback riding is a fun way to explore the countryside.

Go to visit Cayo Levantado!

Cayo Levantado, a small scenic island just three miles from Samaná Bay, and is also known as Bacardi Island because of a Bacardi commercial filmed there in the 1970s. It boasts shiny white-sand and palm-fringed beaches. Boat taxis depart regularly from the Samaná port on Avenida Marina, bringing visitors daily to this small island. There are so many things to do on the island, such as swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. You might also enjoy fresh fish on the public side of Cayo Levantado.

Go to sample the tropical fruit!

The best selection of fresh tropical fruits is in the Dominican Republic. The fruit is ripened on the tree under the tropical sun and then picked and sold almost instantly. The first bite of fruit is undoubtedly a sweet treat as it is bursting with flavor. You can pick your fruit off the trees, but they are also available at every fruit stand in Punta Cana. It's hard to miss them on the side of the road.

Go to ride the cable car!

One thing you should not miss while visiting Puerto Plata is riding the teleférico–the only complete cable car ride you’ll find in the whole Caribbean region, operating continuously since 1975. The exhilarating 10-minute ride takes you up, up and away in one of two cable cars, 2,625 feet above Puerto Plata. Below is a magical scenery, from the sea on your north to the lush, green plains that eventually lead you to the other end of the cable at Mount Isabel de Torres. Make sure to explore the nature reserve and botanical gardens, and enjoy the ride back down by cable car once more before heading out.

Go to shop for souvenirs!

You'll surely appreciate souvenir shopping in the Dominican Republic. Each of the crafts is unique. There are a variety of arts and crafts in all kinds of shops, markets, and street stands. It will be tough to choose, though. One thing is for sure: they all tell the story of Dominican folk tradition.

Go to experience the beaches!

A stretch of long white-sand beaches dotted with slim coconut trees is always a fascinating sight. The Dominican Republic is best known for its beaches. From the south to east and north, you will find your favorite plot of sand along her 1,000-mile sandy coastline. There are over 200 beaches, many of which remain underexplored and undeveloped. Caribbean-facing beaches are safe all year round, while our northern coast requires more attention and precaution to weather conditions before swimming.

Go for an amazing vacation!

The diverse Caribbean tourist destination of the Dominican Republic has something in store for everyone. Try its gourmet delicacies, jump down the waterfalls, discover its pre- and post-colonial history, watch a baseball game, hike a mountain, or just lounge on some of the region's sparkling white-sand beaches. Visiting the Dominican Republic is all about catching the endless deep blue horizon. Families will enjoy various activities, such as playing in the sand, snorkeling through a string of reefs and crystal clear waters, or scuba-diving to discover beautiful undersea gardens.


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