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The 2024 Summer Olympics are just around the corner!

Don't miss these unforgettable events!

I don’t know about you, but I love watching the Olympics every couple of years! They are SO inspiring! 2024 brings a new set of Olympic games, and they’re located in Paris! Have you ever thought about attending some of the events at the Olympics? I can help you get there—and it’s not out of reach!

2024 Paris Olympics

Here are some details you might want to know, if you’re thinking about going.

· Opening ceremonies start July 24, and run through August 11. Some individual tickets for certain events are sold out already, and lodging is starting to book up, but there’s still availability!

· There are three types of packages I can help you book: 1) event tickets including premium seating, plus entertainment and guest appearances; 2) In-the-City Hospitality, which includes event tickets plus access to the Paris Club House and hospitality center; and—my favorite—3) travel packages, which include hotel, transportation, and tours, plus event tickets at all different levels.

· Let me paint a picture of what an over-the-top experience could look like: watching the Opening Ceremonies from a bridge overlooking the Seine River at a French bistro-style location; or staying in an Eiffel Tower luxury suite from where you can watch beach volleyball below your room.

· Does that sound a bit over-budget for you? No worries! I can also put you in a 3-star hotel and get you tickets to lower-priced events, some of which will be outside of Paris (for example, in Marseille or Lille).

· I’ve got access to track & field, gymnastics, swimming, and basketball tickets, plus so many others. You can get a Team USA package, to be able to follow your favorite athletes.

If you’re interested in more info about this, let me know ASAP! If you wait, you’ll probably miss your chance.

Beaches of Normandy River Cruise

Speaking of Paris and France, our 80th anniversary of the Beaches of Normandy river cruise is open for booking! Just a small deposit will hold your spot! Let me know if you’d like more details about that, happening in October 2024.


Did you know that I can help you get to other events, as well as just popular cities?

Some of the events I can help you get to, along with booking hotel stays, tickets, and transportation, are:

· The Rose Parade and/or Game in Pasadena, CA (Dec)

· Mardi Gras in New Orleans (Feb)

· The Cherry Blossom Fest in Washington, DC (April)

· Jazz Fest in New Orleans (April)

· Thanksgiving in New York City (Nov)

· Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky (May)

· Essence Music Fest in New Orleans (July)

· November in Branson (for Holiday Spectacular shows)

· The Indianapolis 500 (May)

· Country Music Fest in Nashville (June)

· July 4 Fireworks New York City (July)


Some of the city packages you may be interested in, for anytime of year that works for you:

· New York City

· Boston

· Nashville

· Charleston

· Washington DC

· Memphis

· Savannah

· Branson

· San Francisco

· Niagara Falls

· New Orleans

· Los Angeles

The city packages include hotel stays and the most popular events and sightseeing in the area. Let me know if you’re interested in more information, and I can get you all the details.

Pretty amazing, right? So many great opportunities and reasons to travel! So many chances to connect with new places and create some unforgettable memories.

Contact me if you’re interested in attending any of the events or visiting the places listed above. I’m happy to help you get there.


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