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Just back from Canyon Ranch and Enchantment Resorts!

A truly amazing wellness experience

Earlier this year, I helped Kathleen and Suzy, two friends who currently live in different cities, plan an amazing wellness getaway. They flew to Arizona, picked up their car rental, and drove to Tucson where they stayed at the Canyon Ranch Tucson for three nights. Then they left Tucson and drove to Sedona, where they spent the final three nights of their vacation at the Enchantment Resort.

The thing I loved most about how their itinerary turned out was that the first three nights their schedule was full of wellness activities, and the last three nights were more laid back and relaxed, still in a wellness environment.

To listen to our whole conversation, click here.

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Canyon Ranch offers classes, services, and all types of activities curated for each person, called pathways. Kathleen did the Personal Discovery pathway and Suzy did the Just Be Here pathway. They had chosen some of their activities ahead of time.

I asked them if they were able to do some of the same things, or if everything was scheduled.

Kathleen: With my pathway, they had specific classes that I was scheduled to attend. So mine was more structured, whereas Suzy's was more free choice for her to make her own program. I followed the recommendations and what they wanted me to take. And then we both decided in between those programmed classes that I had and the choices that she had done, there were daily activities that were free, that we could take advantage of. And so we did a Zumba class, we did a barre class, and I did a breathing class called serenity breathing.

I asked them what their favorite things were.

Suzy: I think my favorite class was the barre class and I think my favorite service was the detox. I had my makeup done as well, and I really liked the makeup.

Kathleen: My favorite service was a body composition with a sports therapist and everything. It was really interesting and really figured out what my calorie intake minimum should be. And then I will have a follow-up with a nutritionist in about two weeks to really determine what my calorie maximum should be and things that I should focus on.

And then I asked about their experience in Sedona at the Enchantment Resort.

Kathleen: Sedona is set in a very spiritual place. The whole town is very spiritual. And the beauty is unmatched. We were right up against the red rocks and we looked out on them from our room. Everywhere you were in the resort, you were surrounded by this beauty of these red rocks. So from a standpoint of beauty, that was amazing.

They picked some classes to take, such as bracelet making, a prayer arrow, and a ceramic painting class, they walked around the shops in town, and they had some spa services.

Kathleen and Suzy loved their wellness experience. As they stated, they are thinking of making this an annual event!

Contact me if you’re interested in scheduling your own wellness retreat; I’d love to help make it happen.


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