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Just back: Chelsea's "West Fest" Adventure

So many incredible experiences combined in one vacation!

My client Chelsea recently returned from an incredible 3-week adventure wellness trip which I put together for her. I really LOVED talking to her after the trip to find out her takeaways and advice! She had an amazing experience on her “West Fest” adventure.

Note: My interview with Chelsea is edited for length. To experience the full-length interview and hear many more insights and details, listen to my podcast HERE or watch the video HERE. All pictures in this article are Chelsea’s—aren’t they fabulous?!

Chelsea’s trip itinerary:

Fly into Bozeman, Montana – pick up rental car

Bozeman, Montana: 4 nights

Jackson Hole, Wyoming: 5 nights

Park City/Midway, Utah: 4 nights

Moab, Utah: 3 nights

Bryce Canyon, Utah: 2 nights

Zion/Springdale, Utah: 2 nights

Flagstaff, Arizona: 1 night

Sedona, Arizona: 4 nights

Phoenix: 1 night before flying home

Question: Why did you want to plan this trip? What did you have in mind?

I was inspired to plan this trip at a milestone point of transition in my life. I had recently completed my MBA, celebrated a big birthday, was moving to a new state, and transitioning to a new career opportunity.

I was really lucky to have the opportunity to take some time off in between jobs and was excited to fill that time with an adventurous and restorative trip that I would always remember.

Bozeman: What was a favorite food, excursion, property, or highlight?

I loved Bozeman! Some of my favorite things I did here were visiting the Sage Lodge, as well as Big Sky resort and riding the chairlift all the way up to the top at 11,000 feet, exploring downtown and eating at some great restaurants, doing a local hike with a great company called FlexTrek, and venturing to Hyalite Canyon for sunset.

Jackson: What was a favorite experience or recommendation here?

My most favorite experience was the guided hike through Yellowstone. With our guide, we visited the overlook of the Grand Prismatic Spring, Fairy Falls, all through lower Yellowstone’s geysers and thermal features, and had a delicious lunch on a lake. This was an awesome way to see this gorgeous and unique area!

Midway/Park City: What did you love here? Did you have a favorite experience?

Park City was excellent and had my favorite downtown area we visited! My most favorite experience was visiting the Wasatch Brewing Co. in downtown Park City. We came here after a really long hike on Park City Mountain that day and the patio seating was great, the food was excellent, and we just loved the overall vibe of the whole experience!

Moab: What was great about Moab? What did you do there?

Moab had my favorite hotel we stayed in, the Red Cliffs Lodge! This property was absolutely beautiful and we had our own private patio overlooking the Colorado River and the Moab red rocks -- gorgeous!

I think my favorite thing we did here was the UTV sunset tour! This was a very adventurous excursion that probably would have been out of my comfort zone if my brothers hadn’t joined me, but the sunset views could not be beat and we had a blast!

Bryce: What did you like about Bryce Canyon?

Bryce Canyon was amazing and I probably wouldn’t have known to stop here if it wasn’t for your recommendation! I thought this canyon was even more stunning than the Grand Canyon, with the amazing pink and orange colors and the cool hoodoo rock shapes.

My favorite thing we did here was a guided hike through the canyon. The canyon is the attraction in this area that’s relatively desolate otherwise, but it is WELL worth the visit! Our hike was great! We also had a great meal at the Bryce Canyon Pines restaurant where they have famous pie -- worth a visit if you’re in the area!

Zion/Springdale: What experiences did you enjoy in Zion National Park?

Zion was my favorite National Park experience and is a really quick and easy drive from Bryce! The park is so well organized, great signage everywhere, the shuttles are clean and easy to navigate, and everything you need for a great day is all really conveniently located right


We hiked The Narrows, which was the most unique and fun hike we did! This hike is all through the Virgin River, so be sure to rent waterproof gear offered at the entrance to the park.

Grand Canyon to Flagstaff: Originally your itinerary included a stay in the Grand Canyon area. Why did you decide to stay in Flagstaff instead?

Our experience in the Grand Canyon was a little different than usual because of the impact of COVID. So we ended up driving through the park and checking out the amazing views of the canyon and then spontaneously decided to stay the night in Flagstaff since the Grand Canyon area is a little more desolate.

Sedona: What did you love about Sedona? You stayed at two properties here: the Sedona Rouge for 1 night, followed by Mii Amo for 3. Tell us about that experience.

Sedona was my favorite destination of the entire trip! I absolutely loved everything about it and Mii amo is in a league of its own! I added one night in Sedona at a different hotel before checking into Mii amo and would highly recommend this! Mii amo is in the remote area of Boynton Canyon, which is amazing, but downtown Sedona and the surrounding area has so much to offer that you should absolutely experience before completely disconnecting at Mii amo!

I could do a whole chat with you just on Mii amo! One word - wow!!! Amazing! Life-changing! Must do!!! I loved staying in my cozy “casita,” complete with the most comfortable hotel bed I’ve ever slept in and a gorgeous fireplace. Every treatment I enjoyed was extraordinary, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, and uniquely personalized for me.

I loved starting each morning with yoga in the garden under the red rocks, followed by guided meditation in the Crystal Grotto, a special place inspired by a Native American Kiva. Every meal was made with the most fresh, healthy ingredients and was absolutely delicious. Best of all, there is zero cell service anywhere in the canyon, so disconnection is guaranteed!

Final thoughts: What would you tell someone who wants to experience a similar trip? And, how did this trip change or transform you?

If you’re thinking about a similar trip, my advice is to absolutely work with Barbara! This trip was amazing because she really pulled everything together perfectly so I didn’t have to worry about a thing! I was truly able to relax and enjoy!

I was definitely transformed by this trip! I experienced so many stunningly beautiful sights and experiences that I’ll remember for a lifetime. Mii amo was the perfect way to cap everything off, leaving me relaxed, refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the next chapter! Thank you again!

Note: My interview with Chelsea is edited for length. To experience the full-length interview and hear many more insights and details, listen to my podcast HERE or watch the video HERE. All pictures in this article are Chelsea’s—aren’t they fabulous?!

P.S. I love talking to clients about their trips once they’re back! More “Just-back” interviews to come in future weeks!


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