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Five incredible hikes in Italy!

From coastal trails to alpine peaks, you’ll love these suggestions!

I don’t know about you, but about this time of year while we’re in the middle of winter, I love thinking about some fun warm-weather or summer activities. So I decided to focus on the beautiful country of Italy, and highlight some amazing Italian hikes!

1 – Cinque Terre

This location is great for hikers who love coastal treks, charming seaside villages and amazing food. The Cinque Terre, meaning the five towns, is a UNESCO World Heritage coastline in Liguria, Italy. Beautiful trails lead from town to town. See bright stone houses and traditional fishing boats. Enjoy hilltops encircled by vineyards, and a vibrant sand beach of the Cinque Terre, and dive into the sparkling sea after a rewarding and scenic hike.

2 – Amalfi Coast

This is perfect for explorers drawn to the mountainous seaside trails with panoramic views. The Path of the Gods is a famed route on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. It earned its name from an ancient legend that states the Greek Gods walked this path to rescue Odysseus from sirens. Hike toward the medieval hamlet of Nocelle along the breathtaking Path of the Gods. Pastel villages cling to the hillsides and the Tyrrhenian Sea dazzles below. If you’re enticed by epic views and intrigued by mythical legends, this is the hike for you!

3 – Dolomites

Mountain-lovers will enjoy this terrain, especially if you’re drawn to alpine landscapes and geological wonders of staggering proportions. The Dolomites are one of the most famous mountain regions in the world. Fairy-tale villages are thoughtfully woven between rich topography. Hike to impressive heights and stop along the way at a family-run trailside hut. Admire the Cinque Torri stone pinnacles and discover World War I history—trenches and tunnels from the war are still intact to this day in the open-air museum. Trek through grassy meadows, pine forests, alpenrose and edelweiss in the enchanting Dolomites.

4 – Lake Como

Lake Como and the surrounding areas are great for hikers wanting to see stunning lakeside trails, stylish palazzos and opulent villas. Join the international elite and visit Lake Como (a favorite of George Clooney), which has been a getaway destination for aristocrats since Roman times. The Italian Lake District is home to three shimmering blue lakes with the dramatic Italian Alps as the backdrop. Walk to historic Castello di Vezio and then to Varenna, known as the most romantic spot in Italy. Let stone paths lead you to fabulous gardens and marvel at incredible lake views.

5 – Italian Alps

We can’t forget the Alps! If you love hiking off-the-beaten paths and exploring nature reserves rich with biodiversity, this area is for you. Be transfixed by the splendor of the Italian, French and Swiss Alps as you trek between countries. Standing tall in the Aosta Valley, Mont Blanc is Western Europe’s highest mountain. This soaring peak attracts hikers from all over the world. Whether you take a glacier walk with crampons or hike the magnificent Mont Blanc ridge trail, there are no shortage of world-class hiking options in the Alps.

Do you love these hiking options? Let me know if you’d like to experience romantic Italy this year, either hiking, biking, or adventuring some other way—or by traveling with a group or on your own customized vacation. I’d love to help you include Italy in your travel plans!


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