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A germ-free hotel room!

How to ensure you start your vacation with clean surroundings!

Whether it's a luxurious resort or a more moderate property, hotel rooms see a constant flow of guests. If you’re worrying about whether your hotel or resort is as clean as you’d like, here are steps you can take (some or all), to make sure you have the cleanest and most germ-free environment during your stay.

1. Bring disinfectant wipes or travel-sized disinfectant spray and clean high-touch surfaces upon entering, such as doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls.

2. Ditch the bedspread: Bedspreads are often infrequently dry-cleaned, allowing germs to accumulate. Instead, remove the bedspread and opt for a fresh, laundered blanket or duvet cover.

3. Check the remote control: Studies consistently find that TV remotes are one of the germiest surfaces in hotel rooms. Protect yourself by placing the remote in a plastic bag or wiping it down with disinfectant.

4. Wipe down the phone handset: Another germ hotspot is the phone handset. Clean it thoroughly with disinfectant wipes before using.

5. Wear slippers or flip-flops: Remember that the cleanliness of your hotel room not only depends on previous guests, but also on the germs you bring in yourself. Wear the provided slippers or bring your own flip-flops, to minimize the transfer of outside germs.

6. Wash the drinking glasses: Housekeepers may not have access to mini dishwashers for glasses, so it's best to wash them yourself before use. This extra step ensures they are clean and free of any lingering germs.

7. Tip early and tip often: Show appreciation for the hard work of housekeeping staff by tipping daily. Housekeeping will work harder when they feel appreciated.

8. Consider bringing your own pillowcase—I like to bring my satin pillowcase, more for comfort than germs.

Feeling better already? I think it helps to know where the germs might be hiding, and to be proactive about our stay. Although I do believe that in most cases, the resorts and hotels are doing a great job of disinfecting the high-touch surfaces we come in contact with at their properties.


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