Spa and Wellness Travel

It is time for that trip just for you: to pamper yourself and unwind, experience the adventure of that amazing location, immerse yourself in a healthy weight loss program, or indulge in a total tune-up for mind and body.

Whatever your passion, it’s time to book an exclusive spa or wellness getaway with Suite Dreams Travel. Whether you’re hoping to escape to an exotic beachfront resort, or make a short trip with friends for some quick refreshing treatments, we can offer some incredible choices.

Destination Spa

A full immersion wellness experience is your goal: You’re looking for a personalized program to learn what’s best for your own wellness, including spa and beauty treatments, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, or stress management.

Resort Spa

A resort spa combines a wide variety of spa and beauty treatments with nutrition options, group fitness classes, and also includes extras like beach, golf, or kids’ programs.

Resort Blend

A resort/destination blend combines a destination spa and a resort, with something for your entire family or group, whether they’re seeking a spa vacation, or just an amazing all-inclusive resort getaway.

Urban Spa

A city-based resort where you might just want to include some pampering with your city stay. Often these work great along with some work-based training in another city–add on a few additional nights just for you!

Plan Your Escape

First, decide whether you want to focus on the spa, or the destination. If you want to relax in a beautiful resort and have one, two or three spa treatments during a multi-day stay, an urban spa or resort/destination blend is probably your best bet. If you are a spa lover who envisions planning your activities around your spa treatments, a resort spa will probably fit your needs perfectly.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive, all-inclusive, integrative health and wellness retreat in a luxury setting, you’re probably looking for a destination spa. Contact us for help in planning your next relaxing getaway, either as a solo traveler, with a significant other or family members, or with a group of like-minded friends or family.

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