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The update on Club Med!

The startling truth about these properties

Club Med is a brand that has recently come back to my radar. Previously I thought of them as play-happy all-inclusive option, which they are—but they’re also SO much more than that!


Recently when I was in the Cancun area, I had a chance to sit down with a couple of Club Med representatives, and we had a great conversation about how their brand is changing.


Club Med is shifting their entire portfolio—all-inclusive resorts all over the world—to luxury. That means they’re upping their game in every way.


In case you aren’t super familiar with this brand, let me tell you what I love about Club Med!


Club Med is everywhere, and they’re all-inclusive.


Club Med seriously is all over: in the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Europe and the Mediterranean, Asia, Brazil, Africa, and the Indian Ocean (think Maldives). They also have sailing yachts, and offer cruises—everything from family cruises to golf cruises, and a lot more.


Each Club Med vacation is all-inclusive, whether we’re talking about villas, overwater bungalows, sailing, or resorts. Meals, drinks, activities. All included. SO great!


Club Med offers the only all-inclusive ski vacation in the world.


Don’t get me wrong: I’m really good at creating a great ski vacation, which includes flights, transportation, your resort stay, and lift tickets and activities. But unless it’s a Cub Med ski destination, it’s not going to be truly all-inclusive, meaning that all of your MEALS, activities, drinks, ski lessons, and even CHILD CARE are included along with the other stuff!


And the Club Med ski locations sound like a fairy tale: Europe, including the French Alps, the Swiss Alps, and the Italian Alps, plus Japan, China, and Canada! So many amazing destinations!


Photos courtesy of Club Med

Club Med activities are AMAZING.


When you think about all-inclusive resorts, I’m pretty sure you don’t normally think they’d include CIRCUS activities, right? Some Club Med activities include circus activities like high bungee games, tightrope walking, aerial silks, trapezes, and trampolines.


Other properties include golf, yoga, mountain biking, hiking, yoga school, kayaking, surf school, scuba diving, rock climbing, sailing, wingfoil (windsurfing + kiteboarding combo), and so many more activities.


What do you think? Are you a little interested and maybe getting a bit excited? Let me know if you'd like me to help you with a Club Med vacation--you won't regret it!


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